Don't let bad habits stop you from living a good life.

The Personal Development Kit designed to help you build better Habits for more Success in Life.

(Disclaimer: These books are shown for demonstration purposes only.)

Upgrade Your Belief Systems

Form New Success Habits

Takes Less Than 30 Mins/Day

The Kit to Build Better Habits.

Build new habits to improve your health, wealth & happiness.

Box #1: Build Confidence & Improve Your Self-Esteem.

Learn about, practice and enjoy building new habits that can help you experience greater levels of confidence & Self-Esteem. There are 5 exercises to practice daily, that are fun and easy to do!

Box #2:  Simple Hacks to Optimise Your Health.

This Box is focused on doing simple activities that can drastically improve the quality of your life.

Activate your Brain properly every morning for success, eating to live your best life, understanding motivation, drive and reward systems in your Brain and using it to propel you to success.

Box #3: Build Wealth Habits To Succeed in Life.

This Box is focused on achievement & Wealth creation. Reprogram your mind to change your results, daily activities that stack the odds in your favour, managing yourself, become a creative powerhouse and using the power of minimalism to amplify your results.

What's in the box?

Based on the science of forming new habits, HabitBox™ contains some core essential items that you will be getting. Depending on the theme, you'll also get other useful items in addition to these.

1)  Knowledge & Lifestyle Guidebooks 

These are easy-to-follow guides to teach you about the Box's main subject. These guides are concise, and tell you the information you need to know, without the filler that most books need to get published.

2)  5 x Positive Affirmation Cards

Stop self-sabotaging by building a better belief system using affirmation cards that help you reprogram your mindset and improve your beliefs.

3)  28 Day Wall Chart

Every time you complete an exercise you can put a ✓ in the box as mark it complete. This will release a burst of dopamine in the brain, leaving you feeling accomplished and satisfied!

4)  Habit Trigger Statue

A carefully chosen model or statue that acts as a trigger for you to perform your good habits. To act as a reminder whenever you see it. Build your collection with different items in each box.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.


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What do some Top Performers have to say about HabitBox?

"We're excited to be endorsing HabitBox on Millionaire Mentor. I liked the idea and it aligns with my brand, and for the price, it will be a no-brainer for people who want to be successful in their life."

Jason Stone  - 15 APR 2019, 14:21

"I liked the concept. After reading about it, I was like OK you can only control your habits. To inspire people, to change people, I thought to collaborate with HabitBox on Styled by GG."

Gautam Gulati  - 12 FEB 2019, 19:42

"This has got me thinking! We all have Habits, whether you consciously or unconsciously apply them to your life they're there anyway, so it makes sense to consciously improve them."

Kayode Damali  - 25 MARCH 2019, 11:42

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