1 Day a Week for Developing Habits More Effectively

So you're on YouTube, you watch a video about someone's morning routine...you're like "wow, this is incredible, i'm really inspired"...

...So you spend the next 3-4 days trying out a new morning routine, whether it be you add stretches or mindfulness meditation to your routine... you find that it's been not so hard to do it for 3/4 days.

But after the 4th day mark, you have some urgent work or situation that needs attending to and you don't do your much-needed routine...

...The next day you think to yourself "I didn't do it yesterday, I don't need to do it". And eventually 1 week passes and during this process you've had thoughts about the routine you should be up keeping. 

It feels like this has gotten away from you. It's not an enjoyable feeling at all.

What if there was an easier solution, to keep your mind focused and clear about progress - and best, not feel guilty about lost progress?

Here's the solution, take time on Sunday to evaluate the week you've had. Grab a journal, and write the following:

1) Lessons you've learned

2) Corrections you need to make for next week

3) Top 3 - 5 activities you need to do next week.

Check in with your progress weekly, and you'll be able to make changes and adjustments with more clarity once you write them down! Better yet, this will help you internalise the truth that it's impossible to upkeep new habits every single day forever without fail. If you stay aware of your progress, and take action, you'll surely build up to where you want to be.


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