3 Key Lessons I Learnt After Quitting Caffeine

Here's why I quit Caffeine initially...

I was about to watch one of the fairly recent "Planets of the Ape's" movies at the Cinema, but my heart was pounding, I felt uncontrollable anxiety. I had too much adrenaline in my system....I missed the first 30 minutes as I needed to be outside in a nature, calming myself down.

What the f*ck happened? I don't know, but here's what I do know....Caffeine (along with other things) was messing me up. (It was making worse, an anxiety issue I had).

So I took the next few weeks to cut Caffeine from my diet, and slowly noticed myself returning to a level of calmness. 

At the time I was also trying to quit my addiction to Video Games, so that was definitely a factor in the level of Anxiety I felt.

So, continuing on...for the next few months or so, I had one Cup of Tea every now and then, to test to see how I felt. I would feel the Anxiousness and coming back each time I had Tea or Coffee; it felt horrible.

Now fast forward a few years, I began to realise the truth about Caffeine. That I don't need it. My goal, is to have a constant state of good energy for as long as possible - I don't want spikes in energy, I don't want to feel good for a few hours then feel bad afterwards or an insurgence of negative thoughts.

There are a few key observations I made during this period, that I think may be interesting for you to know about.

1) Caffeine is an addictive drug. Like other addictive drugs, to keep you addicted it will eventually make you feel bad when you're off it. Say I have a cup of Coffee in the morning, I will feel bad in the afternoon; why? Because the Caffeine in my system is trying to order me to take another 'dose', to have it again to feel ok and normal again. I would get a rush of negativity for no apparent reason, then after testing it, realised Caffeine is to blame.

2) Drink it Tactically. By this, I mean drink it daily for 1 week, then go off it for 2 weeks to a month. By doing this, you're not only creating a routine you can look forward to (dopamine release), you can gain the cognitive benefits of Caffeine for a period of heightened work. 

3) Drink only Black Coffee. As much as you may enjoy a Choca Mocha Late with Soy Milk, I've found that the best type of Coffee to drink is Black Coffee (that is if you drink Coffee only to become your best version). Not only is it enjoyable, it can help you shred fat, and stave off hunger if you're doing intermittent fasting.

I think number 2 is the most important one for me personally. It's during the period of time I drink Black Coffee every day for 1 or 2 weeks, that I feel I get some of my best ideas. In fact, the name "HabitBox" was a result of one of these periods.

The reason why I suggest to drink it tactically, is so that you maximise the benefits of it, while avoiding succumbing to diminishing marginal returns. i.e. Needing to drink 3 cups per day to experience the same feelings you had when only drinking 1/2 a cup. Your body does build up a tolerance.

This is a particularly 'Stoic' approach to drinking Coffee, but I find it works wonders, not only for your brain function but for your adrenal system too. Allow your Adrenal system to rest and recover, and it will allow you to feel properly energised when you're not drinking it.

If you're trying to cut out bad habits, cutting Caffeine from your diet is going to help you minimise withdrawal symptoms (from my experience). And when you do experience withdrawal symptoms, it's a trigger to do something with this anxious and uncomfortable energy; to channel it to use that will bring you prosperity!

Do you drink coffee daily? What do you drink and how often? Comment Below and I'll give you a personalised review of how you can optimise your Coffee intake :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

- Gee Tank

P.S As I'm writing this to you, i'm sipping on a brilliant Black Coffee. I'll continue drinking until Sunday, after that I'll give it a break for 2 weeks :) 

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