A 2 Step Hack to Rewire Your Brain for Greater Happiness.

We all do it.

As soon as you wake up, before your eyes are barely open...

Before you take a moment to breathe, and take in the surround of your room...

Your arm extends outwards, or behind you, you reach over and grab your phone.

BOOM. You've had 18 new texts, a new Snapchat...Someone has DM'd you on Instagram.

But you also notice in the corner of your eye, an email from your boss - it's ok you'll look at it later. 

What's just happened?

You've just gone into reaction mode. That is, the very first thing you did was to react to new stimulus and demands from the world. You're on the back foot.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to rewire your brain for greater happiness is to NOT be in a reactive phase as soon as you wake up.

I personally keep my phone in a different room to charge. No charging wires near my bed. My bed is my bed, it's for sleep only. 

So do these 2 things:

Step 1) 2 hours before bed, NO looking at screens. So no TV, Video Games or Mobile phone activity. 

Step 2) 1 hour after waking the next day, do NOT check your phone. Use that time to meditate, do stretches, hit the gym, do Yoga, or anything that benefits you.

What you'll slowly begin to notice is a sense of freedom. Of greater happiness. You'll be releasing more dopamine in the right ways, rather than from notifications.

Try this for 1 week and let us know how you get on by commenting below! 


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