A Simple Guide to Boost Your Confidence, within 30 days.

Those who master the art of confidence, go on to achieve and demand more from life.

It helps you overcome fear, create trust in yourself and your abilities, and is one of the cornerstones to achievement. This guide is a simple resource you can use, to learn about and practice improving your confidence and self esteem. 

There are some exercises you should be doing, that work together synergistically to rapidly increase how you feel about yourself, and can give you positive feedback in the outer world.





This diagram shows you 1) Things in your Control 2) Things on the outside, that determine your Confidence and Self Esteem. 

The truth is, too many of us focus on getting confidence through validation from others, rather than developing it on the inside. The exercises we mention will cultivate your physicality. Meaning they will affect your posture, breath, energy and mental programming. 


Constructive Rest.  


Lay down flat on your back. Put some paperback books under your head enough to give it support and slide your feet up towards your lower back, your knees should be up and bent. Lay here for about 15 minutes, fully relaxed.

It helps to improve your posture, voice tonality and reduces anxiety and stress.

You have pressure points on your back which trigger relaxation, this does exactly that. It's a technique actors use for a more booming voice, and for better physicality. 




Say to yourself every morning after waking up "I'm the master of my fate. I have limitless conviction strength and confidence". And say it just before your go to sleep every night. By doing this, you're imprinting a new belief system into your subconscious mind. Your mind will subconsciously look for clues to make this statement your new reality, it has no choice but to accept it. 


These are just 2 things you can repeat on a daily basis for 30 days to see a drastic improvement in how you feel about yourself, and allow you to be more assertive and dominant in your approach to life. 

Be sure to comment your experience below. Try this 30 day challenge out, it will only take you 15 mins per day and can really improve the quality of your life. 

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