Have you ever felt that is Society FORCING personal development on you?

There's a world of difference between doing something you want to do, and doing something your obligated to do...

In the beginning, you got into your personal development journey because it seemed quite fun and rewarding to challenge yourself to grow; to learn all this interesting new information from books and videos.

You got a dopamine rush from it. It was new and novel.

Then you continued to soak up more material, and the novelty began to wear off, and the diminishing marginal returns kicked in. You were learning new things but it wasn't as fresh and exciting as the first time. 

As we live in such a well connected world, and thanks to the algorithms of Social Media, we usually only see content that is 'tailored for us'. Chances are, if you're following a bunch of personal development accounts on Instagram your explore feed will be full of personal development material too. 

Humans are not designed to have such a full-on absorption of material constantly. 

Much like mother nature, we work in cycles of break-down and repair; of growth and recovery. We take in new information, and we must allow room to apply it; otherwise it doesn't really register in the mind properly.

The important part is this...

If you are constantly consuming Personal Development material, incessantly and are not acting it out in any way; you are building momentum of Big Consumption = Little Action Taken.

...And people who are successful do this:

Little Consumption = Big Action Taken

They consume only a little bit of what they seek out as being relevant, and then go and act upon it. And this is a Habit they have.

Social Media algorithms work in the complete opposite manner. They perpetually feed you with too much information, and as a result you don't know where to focus your efforts and you're paralysed; you can't take action. 

It's so key to your personal happiness to only seek out information when you need it, rather than binging on information to keep your mind occupied or avoiding self consciousness.

Consuming media and information is like a drug that keeps you numb. If you're spending hours scrolling mindlessly, there's something you're avoiding, something you're trying to cover up; something you're trying to satiate. 

And when you have too much information in your mind, it no longer is a fun activity to act it out, it turns into an obligation you must fulfil in order to give your mind a level of peace. 

The take away message from this is to understand yourself;

Are you consuming for the sake of it?
Are you consuming because it's fun to do so?
How can you make it fun again?
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Speak to you soon!
- Gee Tank


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