How to 'Apply' Meditation to Manifest your Dreams Faster!

Meditation is simple process; the aim is to try and empty the mind, to promote a better sense of control of thoughts, so your mind doesn't run away in thought too much.

Said simply it's this:

1. Busy Mind > 2. Meditation > 3. Calmer Mind.

Of course this isn't an instantaneous process it's more of a gradual one. Promoting a calmer mind on a daily basis, i.e. Meditating daily, is going to continually stack the benefits you experience.

In other words it's like having a Wooden Box that's completely filled (your mind filled with thoughts) and emptying it out bit by bit every day, so that you can put in the stuff you actually want in there. 

You can wish for prosperity, but if there's no room in the box it won't fit. I.e. If your mind is unfocused it will find it difficult to focus on prosperous thoughts.

...This leads us to the interesting part. 

After spending years studying self help and spiritual science, there are a number of parallels between Meditation and the necessary work we must do in order to achieve success. 

We all know that we should try to cut out those things draining our energies, those people and environments holding you back; but how does the analogy of meditation fit in?

This is the mindset:

"Everything you desire is trying to reach you, but because of the things you're holding on to, you can't obtain it".

If your box is full you don't have room to fill it with the things your desire. This leads us to a practical step everyone can take very easily. It's a secret that I've used to manifest a total re-decoration of my living room (including 2 x Brand New Sofas given to us for free).

Donate old unwanted things to Charity.

This is not to make you feel good, or some secret scheme to have you donate to a charity. This is called the "Vacuum Law of Prosperity".

The only way to get closer to that which you desire is to let go of that which you no longer desire.

So you want to freshen up your living room. You can't until you get rid of some of the old furniture. There's no place for both the Sofas in the same space! 

Meditation is the act of reduction, to create space.

Donating/ giving away old things is an act of reduction, to create space.

Once the space has been created, don't be surprised if your desires begin to manifest...they've been waiting for you to level up! 

...And it's as simple as that. At the beginning of the year, I visualised how I wanted our living room to look, I did a drawing of it in an old sketchbook for fun. I held on to that vision. Now our living room looks just like that. 

Hold your vision, and do things to accelerate the manifestation of that vision; by getting rid of what doesn't fit that picture.

You'll be surprised how quickly things fall into place after.

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- Gee Tank



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