How to Feel More Mentally-Clear and Confident in less than 5 minutes...

Right now as you read this, your mind is probably inflamed

...If you're living in a city with constant hustle and bustle. There are pressures on you to perform to your job, in your family life and perhaps your relationship life too...its relentless.

As a result, your mind is probably stuck in an 'overload'. The way you choose to relax may be watching TV, drinking, going out clubbing, playing video games and so on. But this offers only temporary rest.

You have probably noticed that your memory and attention span aren't quite what they used to be when you were younger, before the smartphone age. 

What you're in need of is a "reset" button.

...Does Meditation offer you a reset button? YES. But usually it's effects are over a period of time, like a few days or weeks; you notice the benefits afterwards - not immediately.

When you're happy, well-rested, alert, and mentally clear you feel as if you're life is in the right gear. But usually, it's rare to find this feeling stick around. 

That brings us to the title of this blog post! After experimenting with a few different ways to calm mental inflammation, I found this one method to be the key in switching it off, and it's so ridiculously easy and quick ...I had to share it.

It's a Recipe for a Health 'Shot' (a drink)

Turmeric and Ginger Shots

The Recipe:

1) Cut Equal Parts of Turmeric and Ginger (peel off the skin) about the size of your thumb. 
2) Add about 50ml to 100 ml of water and blend it all together.
3) Squeeze a bit of Lime or Lemon in it, but not so that it's overpowering.
What does this do?

Turmeric is basically the best anti-inflammatory food out there; used in Asian cooking for centuries. Along with ginger it boosts your immune system. The 'shot' wakes up your Neurotransmitters like it reset's them. If you're struggling with fatigue and a lack of mental focus, it will give you the kick you need. 

The best thing about it is you'll feel it working almost immediately after you drink it. Personally, it's helped me reduce mental inflammation, making it easier to focus, communicate precisely and to feel less anxious.

That's the first part, the second, is GARLIC.

This is something I experimented with, but I took an Odourless Garlic supplement shortly after taking the Turmeric and Ginger shot and I felt absolutely incredible (not on an empty stomach). Garlic is brilliant for improving circulation in the body; so you can distribute the anti-inflammatory effects of it around your body with ease. You can Google the effects of it and you'll see why you want to start taking more of it asap.

These two health tricks had a profound 'resetting' effect on my brain. 

Any day I don't feel 'up for it'. Or going out into the world and being my best self, I have both of these and I'm ready to conquer. 

The Turmeric, Ginger and Garlic massively improve the immune system and when you have a strong immune system you are a strong confident person with no effort

The truth is, mental inflammation cause by diet and external stress and can lead to Diseases like Alzheimers and Dementia...most disease is caused by inflammation. If you want to dive deeper; read "The Ultramind Solution" and you might just be blown away. The book is written by Dr. Mark Hyman, and 'declassifies' the truth about what creates disease and you can prevent them from occurring. 

For instance, Gluten in bread is the cause of over 150+ diseases...from Depression, Anxiety, Autism, Alzheimers and Dementia. And I've personally noticed feeling mentally unfocused, weak and generally more terrible when I eat only toast for breakfast...

But use these lessons to go out and transform yourself, you owe it to you and those you can support by sharing your unique gifts! A better you = the more value you can provide the world!

Would love to know your experience of trying these Health Hacks! 

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