Is it Possible to Manifest your Dreams, Easily?

We all want to achieve our dreams and our goals, as easily as possible. 

Whether it means striking it lucky and winning the lottery and buying that house you really want, or whether it means to get those 6 pack abs you really desire with less effort...We all would like this journey to be short, and to arrive as soon as possible so we can enjoy these fruits.

When it comes to achievement, there is a road that must be travelled. The road forces you to 'level up' your mind. It's a tough road, but it teaches you all the lessons that are necessary for you to attain your goal.

A lot of us face the issue of losing momentum, feeling paralysed or stuck and even procrastinate; all the while our desires continue to dwell in our minds, in the end it makes you feel bad, guilty.

Well what if there was a way to prevent the guilt, to arrive to the destination sooner and make it all feel a little more effortless? Well there is.

It's something called 'momentum'. 

Great entrepreneurs understand the importance of maintaining momentum, of continuous action and have used this understanding to help them achieve seemingly difficult things with much more ease.

This is the trick:

Momentum is about 2 variables; production and consumption.

Those who produce more than they consume find it easier to produce more, while those who consume more than they produce find it much harder to get moving.

By produce, I mean to create content, do a creative activity or put something into motion. And by consume, I mean, watching TV, absorbing media and not taking any action. 

All great artists are able to produce incredible work by utilising this understanding. Being from an artistic background myself I can definitely vouch for this methodology.

If you catch yourself in a funk, you don't feel like doing anything, or producing anything, all you have to do is produce something. ANYTHING.

Literally, it could be doodling, origami, playing an instrument, creating a conversation, anything that engages the muscle of 'creation', or production. 

Those who consume more than they produce are burdened by what they have consumed, those who produce more than they consume are always light minded, and have energy to do things. 

If you truly understand this principle, you'll have no excuse other than to be highly productive! There's no need to read complicated books about productivity, all you have to do is produce something, and produce something often. 

The way to arrive at your goal easily, with less effort is to build momentum.

You still have to travel the road, but if you're travelling it on a motorbike, you're going to arrive there sooner, happier and in style 😎

Hope you have a productive week! Consume less media, and create more of whatever you want.

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