Knowledge Benefits You, and It Also 'Ruins' Your Life - Here's Why...

"Nothing of value is ever free..." Robert A. Heinlein 

You can't acquire knowledge without some degree of personal cost. 

If you uncover some truth about life; you will be tested for it. Meaning, life will throw a test at you to see how you react based upon this new knowledge you've gained. This is a somewhat rude awakening I've experienced recently. After reading a personal development book about human relations, one of the key lessons I came across was "Never Lose Frame".

"Never Lose Frame" basically means, to never let go of responsibility or control of a conversation, always be the director or you will be directed. Now after reading this about 1 or 2 weeks ago, I got scammed twice in 1 week.

And I thought to myself, why is this happening?! I'm a good person...Well then it hit me. The book explicitly said that I must take responsibility for the direction of a conversation at all times. I was in control 95% of the time, but twice I let the other person take control at the very end, and twice I was scammed.  

Well I could look at it as being foolish, or I could look at it as the universe helping me internalise this new found knowledge. I've never been scammed before, and it happens twice within a week where I recently came across a rule called "Never Lose Frame" - it makes sense. 

Adults basically learn through trauma. It takes events to catapult us into taking some action or learning some truth, otherwise it doesn't hit home as hard. Which is where this lesson comes in...

When you're reading something in personal self development, if it's important and potentially life changing, the universe will bring about some experiences to test you based upon where you're at. And when you are tested, it's up to you to rise to the occasion and recognise what is actually happening, as opposed to taking the events at face value alone.  

This is a part of the burden of knowledge, but also the beauty of it and how it forces you to develop your character. This is where this undeniable truth comes in.

Life is 10% what happens and 90% of what you make of it.
We have the power to reframe events based upon which ever belief system we decide to choose. You can easily go ahead and take a victim role when life tests you or you can try your hardest to figure out a way to understand it where you can take ownership, and use it as fuel to motivate change.
Life will continually throw the same events at you again and again until you learn the lesson that is learned, and when you've learnt it, your mentality will shift and you will face a new set of circumstances; it's like a game where you're able to progress once you figure out how the final boss moves. 

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