The Truth about Working Hard (Law of Attraction)

Why is it that some people don't go on to achieve what they desire, and some do? Some people attribute working hard to being successful. What if we have the correlation between hard work and success completely wrong?

Here's the actual truth. Hard-work is the device we use, in order to imagine the end result as being more attainable. 

Hard work is a trial and error process, that slowly eliminates what doesn't work, so that we get closer to something that does work (it dispels error). Each time you take action and work hard, you do it, so that you can begin to imagine something new. It is a calibration process. With each hard work step, we erase a portion of our imagination that holds us back "ok, this doesn't work - let me try something else"

Hard-Work is NOT your salvation, it is hit and miss.

Then what is your salvation? You may ask. It's this supernatural power we all have called imagination. We're taught that imagination is that thing where you sit there and day dream and imagine. Our perception of this power has been taught incorrectly to us since a young age. Imagination is happening every second of the day. It's in all the actions you take. It is the seed that is infused into action, that creates results. Whatever is going on in your mind as you do things, is your imagination. 

The whole point of this blog post is to get you to realise that imagination is the force that creates everything, and we employ certain tools (like hard work) in order to help make it more believable that we can achieve what we want. 

Here's where things change for you starting today. Realise that Hard work is not a compulsory component of achieving the success you desire. (We'll discuss this nuance shortly)

The notion of toil and terror of hard work, putting in the hours is actually a pointless notion. How? You may ask...It's pointless IF you don't imagine the end fruit while you work. Hard work without imagination produces no fruit. 

The most ironic joke known to mankind, is that hard work is in fact many times, lazy work.  

Aimless hard work is for the lazy minded. For those who believe they need to use trial and error to shape their imaginative faculty, so that they start to believe they can achieve success.

Not to offend those who work hard who are deliberately working towards a goal. There are many who just go through the motions who believe they're working hard. 

To engage your imagination of the desired outcome as being real and now takes effort. It's NOT something we're taught at school. We're taught to believe hard work will solve all our problems, when it inherently does not offer that capability. As we know, not everyone who works hard makes it. 

"Hard work is imagination created through attrition." - GT 

How pissed would you be, knowing after doing all that hard work, you could've imagined into reality what you want? That the side effect of working hard is to alter your belief systems in the process of whats possible. The point of hard work is to create the byproduct of more belief in realising your desires.

This is where we bring to light, how you have been indoctrinated since you were a child. It was never hard work that created the result you wanted, it is, and always be, your imagination that does everything. 

How? It's because you are simultaneously existing in 2 realities right now. (Whether you're in a place to believe this or not, is not up to us - this is fact). 

The first reality, is the mortal 5 sense reality. Is that of physical space, of the senses, and of time. 
The second is that of immortal spirit, of imagination - that is shapeless and formless and therefore, not governed by space and time. (It is infinite). 
To truly understand how it works, take a look at 7-day learning resource (completely free) we put together on Messenger. You can learn it here, so you know where we are coming from:
Actions create results. Rather than working hard, toiling, you can still act, but from a place of effortless flow-state. Like when sportspeople get into the zone. The point is you're not thinking and toiling for answers, it flows from you, from the seed you created in your imagination - as the desire being fulfilled here and now. 
None of this will seem believable, but like a muscle, this belief needs to be trained and strengthened. Understanding will come once you're ready to receive it. Whether you're ready for this truth or not, this is truth. 
Do THIS Instead:
When you're feeling stuck & brain fogged, when you're trying to plan your way out of where you are now. When you want to fix up...IMAGINE. Get relaxed, and imagine what it is you want. 
...See? Just writing this, I know many of you will not do this. It seems too trivial and counter intuitive. But it is this action that creates the result. If you 'work hard' at something, choose this to 'work hard' on. It is the thing that will get you to where you want to be. 
Let's take this one step deeper, let's introduce God and the Devil:
The Devil governs this 5 sense reality, God is your imagination. 
See, when we picture the Devil & God. We imagine figures. These figures were created for illustrative purposes, they don't actually exist. There is no heaven up in the sky, or hell beneath the earth. 
These are mental states. When you're toiling and thinking constantly you're captivated by the devil. When you come from your imagination, you're activating your God power. The whole point of the Bible is to help us realise that the 5 sense reality we're experiencing isn't even there. 
Scientists confirm this. There are theories that we exist in a hologram. 99.997% of Atoms exist of EMPTY SPACE (Discovered by Mary Baker Eddy). Material reality cannot be trusted, sensory inputs cannot be trusted.
Everyone who goes on to achieve through 'hard work' has done so through imagining the result they want as being achieved, at every step.
Imagination is your real life.
Engage it. Train it.



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